Our mission is produce a series of films, books, web sites and educational materials that explore our interaction with beneficial bacteria throughout our entire journey through life.

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Blog: Our year of the microbiome!

While we are busy making "A Probiotic Life", we will also be attempting to live... well, a probiotic life!

We will be documenting our attempts to re-balance each of our microbiomes in the hope of seeing some positive results in our health as a family.

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Our Mission

  Our Mission We might not be able to see them with our own eyes, but science is showing microbes are essential to good health. […]
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Which experts have we filmed so far?

A Probiotic Life – Who have we filmed? So far, we have filmed many world-leading experts including: JACK GILBERT, Environmental Microbiologist, National Research Laboratory and […]
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What is the human microbiome?

What is the human microbiome? The human microbiome is the body’s microbial ecosystem. In other words, the microbiome is the collective name for the community […]
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Human Guinea Pigs

Our Blogging  Journey Begins… As a family, we’re going to become human guinea pigs. We’re going to experiment on ourselves. Over the next few months, […]
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